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0117 322 6163
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Secure document storage solutions for greater productivity, profitability and peace of mind

Many of our clients switched to us after becoming dissatisfied with the services offered by our competitors

Filofile offers secure document storage solutions that bare cost effective when compared to what our competitors are providing. Our high security facility is well equipped with state of the art systems to ensure all of an organisations confidential documents are kept confidential and are readily available when a client needs access to their documents. Our many satisfied clients are more than happy to provide referrals and recommendations for our services. You can see their comments on our document management case studies page, but here are the key points that they like about us.

  • Local, convenient and responsive.
    Your files are stored nearby, not hundreds of miles away. You don’t ring a remote call centre and speak to someone new every time. Not only is this more reassuring – it means that we can offer a 2 and 6 hour emergency retrieval service.
  • Conscientious and helpful
    We’ve built up a small team of long serving staff who have developed close relationships with clients. Every member of the team feels personally responsible and accountable, taking great pride in offering a great service that goes way beyond merely meeting the contractual obligations.  It may sound corny, but we really do care more, and try harder!
  • Flexible and accommodating
    We’re not so large that the unique needs of individual clients take second place to “the system”. We tailor our service to fit your requirements.
  • Cost effective
    We tailor the service to fit your individual needs you don’t pay for things you don’t need. And there are no hidden charges. You also benefit from free collection, free registration and free retrievals.
  • Well-resourced and equipped
    We have state-of-the-art security and tracking systems.
  • Data protection and compliance
    We have robust systems and are happy to help with any audit requests you may have in order to meet legal or professional compliance requirements.  You can be certain everything is fully traceable and that your data is properly protected.

To understand the full extent to which your particular business could benefit contact us now for a free assessment. Call us on 0117 322 6163 and we’ll be happy to have an initial chat. Or email us and we’ll call you back.

You don’t need us to tell you how much more productive and competitive your business will be if it has a really efficient system for storing and retrieving documents.  But you almost certainly need us if you are to achieve this!

Doing it all in-house may give you a nice warm and reassuring feeling, but it’s expensive, inefficient and stressful. That’s why so many successful companies are outsourcing the whole job to dedicated professionals like ourselves.

  • Cut your overheads, such as rent and rates, by operating from smaller premises.
  • Or put more people in the space where the paper used to be – that will give a huge boost to productivity and profitability, plus enable you to expand without an expensive move to bigger premises.
  • Save your staff the hassle of archiving and retrieving, so they have more time to concentrate on more productive work.
  • Offload all the management, operational and security headaches to a professional team with dedicated facilities and state of the art systems – reduce your risks, ensure compliance and boost your peace of mind.

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