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Archival, Retention and Destruction Strategy

The purpose of this article is to identify the components of a successful document management process, which should be considered when organisations are faced with the dilemma of what records to keep and for how long.

Filofile employs a method, which quite simply breaks down the process into five steps:

Step 1

Filofile provides in-depth analysis of your current records storage needs and provides advice on your records management policy.

Step 2

Filofile provides boxes free of charge (current offer) and collects from your organisation

Step 3

Filofile registers the boxed files on to a records management software application that provides full traceability.

Step 4

Filofile stores boxed and catalogued documents in a safe and highly secure environmentally controlled environment

Step 5

Filofile schedules confidential destruction of documents based on the length of time that they are required to be kept. It makes no sense to keep documents in storage for longer than necessary.

Should an organisation need to retrieve documents at any time prior to their scheduled destruction, Filofile can deliver documents within 24 hours and in emergencies we can retrieve documents in 2 hours.

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Why Use A Document Storage Service?

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