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NHS data loss scandalNHS data loss scandal reached new heights as NHS England CEO Simon Stevens revealed that …2017/10/26Lost Documents2017-10-26 12:01:34
Concerns raised about privacy‘Incredibly hard to read and even harder to understand’… Fears over privacy and the application …2017/10/12GDPR2017-10-12 08:50:59
Document Storage – Google Drive is ChangingFile storage service Google Drive is ending support for its desktop apps in March. But what exactly …2017/09/28Document Management, Document Storage2017-09-28 10:15:08
GDPR will change data protectionIn less than a year, Europe’s data protection rules will undergo their biggest changes in …2017/09/14Data Protection, GDPR2017-09-14 11:09:26
UK Firms to hire more staff to deal with GDPRTwo thirds of firms say they intend to employ permanent new staff to cope with …2017/08/31GDPR2017-08-31 15:40:41
UK data protection laws to be overhauledBritons could obtain more control over what happens to personal information under proposals outlined by …2017/08/17Data Protection2017-08-17 13:03:02
Paperless OfficeRecent research carried out by Brother UK and YouGov found 60% of senior decision makers* …2017/08/03Recycling, The End of Paper2017-08-03 16:50:44
Doctors share patient scans over SnapchatDoctors may be using SnapChat to send patient scans to each other, according to a new report …2017/07/20Cyber Security2017-07-20 13:20:45
Could new data laws end up bankrupting your company?The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, radically …2017/07/06GDPR2017-07-06 14:57:57
Apple Employees Arrested for Selling Users DataA massive underground criminal operation run by employees of an Apple “domestic direct sales company …2017/06/22Data Handling, Data Protection, Data Security2017-06-22 13:35:15
EU could give police direct access to cloud data in wake of terror attacksThe European Union is seeking to make it easier for police and law enforcement agencies …2017/06/08Data Handling, Data Protection, Data Security2017-06-08 10:39:02
How to Escape Online SpiesNobody likes being spied on. When you’re innocently browsing the web, it’s deeply unpleasant to …2017/05/25Cyber Security2017-05-25 15:42:15
Using your personal data is now second nature for politiciansPoliticians and electioneers are betting big that at this general election, your data is going …2017/05/11Data Handling, Data Protection2017-05-11 10:44:34 head ‘heartbroken’ that users found out it sells their inbox dataThe chief executive of email unsubscription service has said he is “heartbroken” that users …2017/04/27Data Protection, Data Security2017-04-27 11:47:57
Data retention scheme comes into force with civil lawsuit safeguardsPersonal data collected under the government’s mandatory data retention scheme, which comes into force on …2017/04/13Data Protection2017-04-13 17:50:16
UK government can force encryption removal, but fears losing, experts sayThe government already has the power to force technology firms to act as it wants …2017/03/30Data Protection, Data Security2017-03-30 17:54:47
A guide to the EPA data under threat by the Trump administrationSeveral highly publicized campaigns are taking place to save the data maintained by the US …2017/03/16Data Protection, Data Security2017-03-16 11:56:46
NHS data loss: 500 patients may have suffered serious harmFive hundred patients may have suffered serious harm as a result of the NHSmislaying 500,000 …2017/03/02Data Handling, Data Security2017-03-02 12:59:07
Another NHS crisis looms – an inability to analyse dataPublic institutions such as the National Health Service increasingly want—and are expected—to base their actions …2017/02/16Data Handling, Data Security2017-02-16 13:01:24
May pressured NHS to release data to track immigration offendersThe former head of NHS Digital repeatedly clashed with Theresa May’s Home Office over requests …2017/02/02Data Handling, Data Protection, Data Security2017-02-02 10:03:55
We’re actually not that close to a paperless officeAfter last month’s report from AIIM, which said we were actually inching closer to a …2017/01/19The End of Paper2017-01-19 15:48:59
Cyber Security in 2017There is much uncertainty surrounding the security industry for 2017, and according to experts in …2017/01/05Cyber Security2017-01-05 11:29:54
Data Security PredictionsCISOs will shift more investment toward granularly identifying information vs. parametric measures:  Depending on your …2016/12/22Data Security2016-12-22 11:35:26
Two major charities fined by ICOThe ICO has levied fines of £25,000 and £18,000 on the two organisations for breaches …2016/12/08Information Commissioner’s Office2016-12-08 10:36:03
ICO Issues New Guidance on Privacy NoticesThe UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the independent authority responsible for the enforcement of the Data …2016/11/24Data Protection2016-11-24 09:15:18
The Future for Data ProtectionEver since the UK held its vote on whether to leave the European Union in …2016/11/10Data Protection2016-11-10 11:28:08
The Ever-Expanding Concept of Personal DataThe Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that dynamic IP addresses …2016/10/27Data Protection, Personal Data2016-10-27 10:23:47
Wearable tech and the privacy issueIn fitness, gaming, smartwatches and a host of other areas, wearable technology has found a …2016/10/20Personal Data, Privacy2016-10-20 10:35:52
Files Lost at National ArchivesMore than 400 government documents have gone missing from the National Archives in the last …2016/10/13Lost Documents2016-10-13 09:42:43
Nursing home fined for data breachA nursing home in Northern Ireland has been fined after a data breach relating to …2016/09/30Lost Documents2016-09-30 11:38:16
Are all document management services the same?When choosing a document management and records storage company to entrust your valuable files to, …2016/09/16Document Management2016-09-16 09:25:07
Filofile Delivers ResultsFilofile is constantly striving to improve the services that it delivers to customers and as …2016/08/17Document Destruction, Document Management, Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2016-08-17 10:47:00
Continuous Improvement Delivers ResultsAt Filofile we are always looking at ways to improve what we do and strongly …2016/07/13Records Management, Secure Records Storage2016-07-13 08:59:20
Records Mаnаgеmеnt Tірѕ for all OrganisationsBusinesses in different sectors have a uniquе ѕеt of сhаllеngеѕ whеn іt соmеѕ tо mаnаgіng …2016/06/13Records Management, Secure Records Storage2016-06-13 12:15:30
How to Secure your Stored DataMultiple layers of defence can isolate and protect data Sесurіng ѕtоrеd data involves preventing unаuthоrіsеd …2016/05/02Data Protection, Secure Records Storage2016-05-02 12:28:34
Data – a protected asset or an accident waiting to happen?Orgаnіѕаtіоnѕ today аrе fасеd wіth thе challenge оf kееріng сrіtісаl business information secure without compromising …2016/04/14Data Handling, Data Protection, Document Management, Secure Records Storage2016-04-14 10:23:06
Government acts on personal file sharing in the workplaceOver three quarters (80 per cent) of London Boroughs have implemented policies and procedures designed …2016/02/24Data Protection2016-02-24 09:43:10
Where is your data being stored?If your data is in the cloud then you can access it from anywhere – …2016/02/12Document Management, Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2016-02-12 12:19:24
Paper has a great futureWith more paper being sold into organisations than ever before, how do you keep that …2016/01/14Document Management, Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage, The End of Paper2016-01-14 12:43:02
What happens to your online personal data?Protecting your online personal data from cyber theft is a growing concern for many of …2015/11/18Data Protection2015-11-18 12:11:20
Personal Information and Data SecurityCоnѕumеr соmрlаіntѕ аbоut thе way personal data іѕ hаndlеd increased by 30 per сеnt frоm …2015/10/06Data Protection2015-10-06 07:18:35
I have nothing to hide – Personal Data SecurityUnfоrtunаtеlу fоr you as a consumer, thе dіѕсuѕѕіоn regarding data рrоtесtіоn is оftеn fосuѕеd оn …2015/08/27Data Protection2015-08-27 13:57:34
Stop Wasting PaperDid you know that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last …2015/07/14Recycling, Secure Records Storage2015-07-14 07:20:06
Is this the end of paper?DVLA scraps counterpart licence The DVLA hаѕ finally ѕсrарреd thе use аnd іѕѕuіng оf аll …2015/06/11The End of Paper2015-06-11 08:56:48
Is Data Protection the New Health and Safety?Fоr buѕіnеѕѕеѕ іn Scotland today, health аnd ѕаfеtу is a рrоmіnеnt fеаturе оn thе ореrаtіоnаl …2015/05/28Data Protection2015-05-28 08:45:01
Notts police officer pleads guilty to Data Protection Act breachA police officer from the Nottingham Police аnd Crime Commissioner’s оffісе hаѕ рlеаdеd guilty to …2015/05/14Data Protection2015-05-14 09:39:51
Lost Documents Cause Security BreachesAccording to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (and other sources), security breaches typically result from one …2015/04/28Lost Documents, Records Management, Recycling, Secure Records Storage2015-04-28 14:43:39
How Long Should Important Documents be kept?It’ѕ difficult to knоw whеn уоu can thrоw a document аwау without rіѕkіng bеіng аѕkеd …2015/04/08Document Management, Document Storage, Lost Documents, Records Management2015-04-08 11:46:57
Dосumеnt Mаnаgеmеnt Planning to Reduce Costs of BusinessImplementing a dосumеnt management ѕtrаtеgу іѕ thе kеу tо increasing еffісіеnсу аnd rеduсіng соѕtѕ іn …2015/03/12Document Management, Document Storage, Records Management2015-03-12 09:44:17
Creating a Document Management PolicyDосumеnt Mаnаgеmеnt іѕ аn іmроrtаnt аѕресt оf аnу оrgаnіѕаtіоn and understanding thе іѕѕuеѕ аrоund thе …2015/02/26Document Management, Document Storage, Records Management2015-02-26 09:25:51
The number one reason to outsource document managementAre you struggling to manage the mass of paperwork that your organisation is generating every …2015/02/19Document Management, Document Storage, Records Management2015-02-19 09:05:17
Good records management could protect against legal actionOrganisations ѕhоuld bе practicing better rесоrdѕ mаnаgеmеnt рrоgrаmmеѕ and thеу ѕhоuld соnѕіdеr thе benefits for …2015/02/16Document Management, Records Management2015-02-16 08:55:20
Document DestructionMаnу businesses аrе required by lаw to kеер confidential сlіеnt іnfоrmаtіоn, as well аѕ еmрlоуее …2015/02/12Document Destruction2015-02-12 17:43:08
New powers to audit public health authoritiesFrоm 1 February 2015, thе ICO will be аblе to ѕubjесt рublіс hеаlthсаrе оrgаnіѕаtіоnѕ tо …2015/02/04Data Protection2015-02-04 08:52:01
Thе Art of Dосumеnt ManagementInformation is еvеrу organisation’s mоѕt valuable аѕѕеt аnd managing this іnfоrmаtіоn іѕ essential. Thе аmоunt …2015/01/29Document Storage, Records Management2015-01-29 16:26:51
Document management in the age of emailDepending on who you listen to, email is infecting the entire records management ecosystem or …2015/01/22Records Management, Secure Records Storage2015-01-22 09:10:26
The Paperless OfficeWay back in the dawn of the digital age we were promised a paperless society …2015/01/08Records Management, Secure Records Storage2015-01-08 14:19:06
Lost Documents Cause Security BreachesAccording to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (and other sources), security breaches typically result from one …2014/12/11Lost Documents, Records Management, Recycling, Secure Records Storage2014-12-11 13:51:08
Creative Freedom of PaperPaper allows complete creative freedom; there is unrestrained creative potential with a sheet of blank …2014/11/27Records Management, Recycling, Secure Records Storage2014-11-27 10:13:35
The Paperless SocietyHardly a day goes by when we do not receive a message from some organisation, …2014/11/13Records Management, Recycling2014-11-13 09:06:26
Storing old paper filesPredictions of a paperless society have been talked about for close to half a century, driven …2014/10/30Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2014-10-30 10:25:47
Failing to get the most out of open dataA recent report notes that, in the United Kingdom, poor data quality is hindering the …2014/10/16Data Handling2014-10-16 10:35:42
Pitfalls of DIY Document StorageThere are risks to self-storing documents If you are still storing unused and historical paper …2014/10/02Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2014-10-02 13:53:21
Exemption from Data Protection ActCharities that carry out investigative work or campaigning are able to use the ‘journalism exemption’ …2014/09/18Data Protection2014-09-18 10:04:52
Patient Records LostTHOUSANDS of patient records have been lost by the East Midlands Ambulance Service. Nearly 42,000 …2014/09/04Lost Documents, Uncategorized2014-09-04 09:45:30
Personal data loss by 132 councilsThe data included details relating to children and vulnerable people in care, campaign group Big …2014/08/21Data Handling, Lost Documents2014-08-21 09:20:42
Right to be Forgotten is ‘unworkable, unreasonable, and wrong’The European Union’s “right to be forgotten” ruling is “unworkable, unreasonable, and wrong in principle”, …2014/08/07Data Protection2014-08-07 09:12:33
5 key questions to help make records management everyone’s businessOur main frustration as records managers is the lack of interest in what we do …2014/07/24Records Management2014-07-24 09:48:12
Facebook faces ICO InvestigationFacebook is facing questions from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) over whether it breached data protection …2014/07/10Information Commissioner’s Office2014-07-10 10:36:10
Medical Files MissingFrench police have opened a criminal probe into the alleged theft of medical records related …2014/06/26Lost Documents2014-06-26 10:27:16
Records shredded to cover up mistakeAN admin worker has told an inquest she was asked to destroy vital medical records …2014/06/12Document Destruction, Lost Documents2014-06-12 09:40:39
Missing DocumentsThe historic document that heralded the collapse of the Soviet Union has gone missing from …2014/05/29Lost Documents2014-05-29 09:25:07
Paper and Recycling Waste FactsEvery year we need a forest the size of Wales to provide all the paper …2014/05/15Recycling2014-05-15 10:47:55
Council breached the Data Protection Act after sensitive records are lostA council breached the Data Protection Act after sensitive records relating to the care of …2014/05/01Data Protection, Lost Documents2014-05-01 08:58:10
Patient data lost on three occasions since 2009Patient data security has been breached in four of the last five years, resulting in …2014/04/17Data Protection, Lost Documents2014-04-17 08:52:01
Britain Negotiates New EU Data Protection RegulationsData processing practices are evolving faster than the law can adapt to them, according to …2014/04/03Data Handling, Data Protection, Document Storage2014-04-03 09:33:02
New Code of Practice to Minimise RiskThe Information Commissioner‘s Office (ICO) has announced a new data protection code of practice, which advises …2014/03/20Data Protection, Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2014-03-20 08:30:13
Study reveals that 80% of Data is UnprotectedThe global data supply reached 2.8 zettabytes (ZB) in 2012 – or 2.8 trillion GB …2014/03/06Data Handling, Data Protection, Document Storage, Records Management2014-03-06 08:26:07
Minimising the Risk of Data SecurityFailing to adequately anonymise data could have severe consequences, both legally and in terms of …2014/02/20Data Handling, Data Protection, Document Storage, Secure Records Storage2014-02-20 09:32:11
Data Security Challenges Facing BusinessIn large businesses, a database is a live system, being used on a second-by-second basis, …2014/02/06Data Handling, Document Storage2014-02-06 08:53:41
Data security and privacy: can we have both?Companies store copies of information in multiple locations to minimise the risk of data loss, …2014/01/23Data Handling, Data Protection, Document Storage, Secure Records Storage2014-01-23 09:49:20
Confidential Medical Records LostMINISTERS are facing calls to tighten up patient privacy rules after hundreds of incidents of …2014/01/09Document Destruction, Document Storage, Lost Documents2014-01-09 09:46:48
Scanning vs. Storage of DocumentsSo which is better? Scanning or Storing? The life time cost for this example for …2013/12/12Document Destruction, Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2013-12-12 10:06:38
Ending a storage contract to save moneyKeeping documents for longer than is necessary might be due to the storage contract that …2013/11/28Document Destruction, Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2013-11-28 10:04:40
Political party tried to delete archivesThe UK’s Conservative Party tried to delete a whole chunk of its online history by erasing an archive …2013/11/14Document Destruction, Lost Documents2013-11-14 11:27:24
Patients’ medical records go missingUP to 70 sets of patients’ notes are going missing at Staffordshire’s biggest hospital every …2013/10/31Document Storage, Lost Documents, Records Management2013-10-31 11:24:46
Woman loses bid to destroy filesA woman has lost a legal bid to have files charting her traumatic childhood destroyed …2013/10/17Document Destruction2013-10-17 09:07:30
Hospital in clear after losing medical records of 78 pregnant womenThe Royal Free Hospital will not be penalised after staff lost a log containing the …2013/10/03Document Storage, Information Commissioner’s Office, Lost Documents, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2013-10-03 09:43:21
Historic Records LostA suspicious fire that raced through the main floor of city hall in Grand Forks, …2013/09/19Document Storage, Lost Documents2013-09-19 09:48:02
Missing documents add mystery to caseAnother twist in the case came when Deana Finnegan, in 2012, requested the case file …2013/09/05Document Storage, Lost Documents, Records Management2013-09-05 07:59:01
18,000 patient records lost every yearDoctors and nurses lose 18,000 hospital records of cancer patients each year, a survey has …2013/08/22Lost Documents2013-08-22 09:33:48
400,000 personal files stolen in court closureComputer equipment storing more than 400,000 confidential court files was stolen from a court – …2013/08/08Data Handling, Data Protection, Lost Documents2013-08-08 08:37:29
Deficiencies in records management put patients at riskThe Royal Dental Hospital and Belfast Trust “failed in its duty” to report concerns and had extremely …2013/07/24Data Handling, Data Protection, Document Storage, Lost Documents, Records Management2013-07-24 09:11:02
Search for lost Hillsborough documentsA POLICE force involved in the initial investigation into the Hillsborough disaster has launched a …2013/07/11Data Handling, Data Protection, Lost Documents2013-07-11 09:00:41
Companies put data about their customers on saleShoppers’ spending habits are increasingly being bought and sold by banks and businesses without their …2013/06/27Data Handling, Data Protection2013-06-27 08:50:40
Historic records may be destroyedThe official records of the first census carried out in Northern Ireland, in 1926, no …2013/06/13Data Handling, Document Destruction2013-06-13 09:13:34
New NHS won’t escape fines for old data breachesData breach complaints against organisations that have been dismantled under the Health and Social Care …2013/05/30Data Protection2013-05-30 09:17:56
ICO to target private investigators in data protection probeData protection experts are to look into the activities of private investigators in a bid …2013/05/16Data Protection2013-05-16 08:58:00
Thatcher’s data protection legacy: Just fill out this 16-page formSuccessive UK governments have seen data protection more as a cost overhead to be minimised …2013/05/02Data Protection2013-05-02 08:40:52
20,000 Documents Destroyed by MistakeAn investigation into the accidental destruction of documents from Queensland’s famous Fitzgerald Inquiry has found …2013/04/18Document Destruction, Document Storage2013-04-18 09:00:53
How safe are shredded documents?Why Choose a Document Destruction Service? From personal and private papers to business documents and …2013/04/04Data Handling, Document Destruction2013-04-04 08:53:13
Woman’s anxiety over lost hospital recordsBASILDON Hospital has apologised to a patient who feared she has cancer after losing her …2013/03/21Data Protection, Lost Documents2013-03-21 09:14:00
Hard drive records missingThe RCMP are looking into how a hard drive containing the personal information of 583,000 …2013/03/07Data Handling, Document Storage, Records Management2013-03-07 08:40:14
Important documents have gone missingOne of the most important historical documents of the 20th century appears to have gone …2013/02/21Data Handling, Document Storage, Records Management2013-02-21 09:33:26
Information commissioner: Compulsory data protection audits neededThere have been cases of sensitive information being lost by public bodies Compulsory data protection …2013/02/07Data Handling, Document Storage, Records Management2013-02-07 09:14:00
5 Steps to Implement a Records Management StrategyHowever tight budgets are starting a Records Management Strategy today could save you tomorrow Is …2013/01/24Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2013-01-24 09:36:09
Data Loss More Menacing Than Computer VirusesThe loss of important documents and the time spent looking for them is costing organisations …2013/01/10Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2013-01-10 09:21:02
Missing or Lost Patient RecordsThe NHS was in trouble again after it emerged that the state healthcare operation had …2012/12/20Uncategorized2012-12-20 09:02:21
Government must work with private sector on data securitySharing data across government can deliver significant benefits but a balance must be struck with …2012/12/06Uncategorized2012-12-06 09:30:08
Plymouth city council fined £60,000 for handing over personal data to wrong personPLYMOUTH City Council has been fined £60,000 for sending a child neglect report containing “highly …2012/11/22Records Management, Secure Records Storage, Uncategorized2012-11-22 11:51:17
Poor data handling cost UK’s public sector organisations over £2mInformation Commissioners Office announced that public sector organisations in the UK have paid more than …2012/11/08Data Handling, Information Commissioner’s Office2012-11-08 08:50:57
Medical Records Lost – could it happen to you?Any number of things could go wrong at a hospital or medical office when facilities …2012/10/25Uncategorized2012-10-25 08:42:48
NHS Patients’ Privacy BreachedThousands of patients have had their privacy breached after NHS Bournemouth and Poole gave their …2012/10/11Uncategorized2012-10-11 09:15:39
Staff Pensions Records Lost – Council Fined £250kThe Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has confirmed that it has issued Scottish Borders Council with …2012/10/04Uncategorized2012-10-04 09:37:32
Facebook Suspends Photo Tag Tool in EuropeFacebook has suspended the facial-recognition tool that suggests when registered users could be tagged in …2012/09/27Uncategorized2012-09-27 09:31:20
Data losses incur fines of up to £500,000The Information Commissioner’s Office will be able to issue fines of up to £500,000 for …2012/09/13Uncategorized2012-09-13 09:27:17
Confidential Records LostInquiry call over missing NHS records More than 100 health records – almost half of …2012/08/30Document Storage, Secure Records Storage2012-08-30 09:02:27
Commons report praises current Freedom of Information (FOI) systemSupporters of freedom of information will be relieved, but many of its critics will be …2012/08/16Records Management2012-08-16 09:00:56
Cheshire council discusses historical document storagePlans to move Cheshire’s historical records to a new building are being discussed by councillors. …2012/08/02Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2012-08-02 09:48:53
Council plans new data policyA new data protection policy has been approved by a council at the centre of …2012/07/19Document Storage2012-07-19 09:29:07
Patients ‘may have suffered’ as records lostCancer patients may have died or suffered complications after a leading hospital lost their medical …2012/07/05Document Storage2012-07-05 17:10:26
Health Trust fined £225,000 over patient records breachThe Belfast Health Trust has been fined £225,000 after thousands of patient records were found …2012/06/29Uncategorized2012-06-29 17:17:57
Patients confidential medical records found dumped beside binsMedical records were found on the pavement next to a bin in Dundee The notes, …2012/06/15Records Management2012-06-15 13:30:49
London NHS Trust fined £90,000 for serious data breachCentral London Community Healthcare (CLCH) NHS Trust has been fined £90,000 following a serious breach …2012/05/21Data Handling2012-05-21 12:59:34
Data Protection Act ComplianceIf you’re not sure whether you’re compliant with the DPA guidelines, the chances are you …2012/05/10Uncategorized2012-05-10 11:10:36
Managing paper before its too lateMany years ago when the personal computer arrived on our desktops we were told and …2012/04/24Uncategorized2012-04-24 18:31:02
Secure document storage – complying with the data protection actSecure document storage has never been so crucial ever since the Data Protection Act 1988 …2012/02/10Document Storage, Records Management, Secure Records Storage2012-02-10 18:40:38
Scottish court records discovered at recycling bankThe Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has found the Scottish Court Service in breach of the …2011/10/13Uncategorized2011-10-13 10:30:50