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What is Document Management

Life cycle of document management

Our highly secure premises provide the best document storage in Somerset for valuable papers and paper documents that must be kept for legal or accountancy reasons. There are many companies that can provide secure document storage but our state of the art facility is climate controlled and has been built to provide the safest environment for long term document storage in Somerset of boxed documents.

document storage in somerset

Legislative regulations concerning records management are so complex and often misunderstood and the risks associated with non compliance are far reaching.

Filofile understands the challenges faced by business today and has developed a cost effective method that addresses the complete life cycle of document management. One of the most serious problems is destroying documents before, or storing beyond the end of their legally required retention periods.

Filofile meticulously registers all of your collected boxed documents into our comprehensive and secure file storage system using a barcode indexing technology that enables fast and accurate document retrieval on demand. We can also provide individual file registration if required. These methods save you time while providing you with the peace of mind that all of your valuable papers are securely logged and stored into our secure facility.

We use the world’s leading document management software – so no matter how you like to run your business you can be sure that we utilise a system that’s more than capable of coping with your requirements for file tracking and providing state of the art traceability.

Filofile provides a 24/7 full service and secure climate controlled storage facility for all of your business’ critical data. We will work with you in meeting your disaster response and recovery requirements.

Our modern and large secure records storage facility is fully equipped with motion detectors, smoke detectors and linked to police and fire service and monitored 24/7.

We have installed state-of-the-art exterior and interior CCTV equipment to offer our clients a safe and secure environment for their document storage needs.

Filofile has achieved ISO 9001 Certification having successfully undergone external audit which confirmed the robust quality assurance procedures in place to protect and manage clients’ data.

Clients can request Next Day or Same Day delivery. Priority / emergency requests can be delivered within two hours of your order. Depending on the volume you store with us we’ll give you a free NEXT DAY retrieval allowance tailored to meet your individual needs. You therefore benefit from a very cost effective retrieval service.

In summary: Having an archival, retention and destruction process that works is imperative

  1. Filofile provides in-depth analysis of your current records storage needs and provides advice on a records management policy.
  1. Filofile provides boxes free of charge (current offer) and collects from your organisation
  1. Filofile registers the boxed files on to a records management application that provides full traceability.
  1. Filofile stores boxed and indexed documents in a safe and highly secure environment
  1. Filofile schedules confidential destruction of documents based on the length of time that they are required to be kept. It makes no sense to keep documents in storage for longer than necessary.

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