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Filofile Records Management Services

  • We’re running out of space – how can you help?
    Filofile can solve the problem by accommodating your files. This will make much better use of your office space, and may mean you can grow your operation without moving to larger offices. Filofile enables you to make much more cost effective use of your space – the office is a very expensive place to store your records!
  • We’re renting a building for our archives, but is this is the smartest option?
    We can save you the rent and rates on your building, and we’ll do the fetching and carrying – so your staff can concentrate on the job they’re paid to do!
  • Our precious documents are stored in premises where there’s a risk of damp and infestation – will you take away this worry?
    Filofile’s premises are dehumidified and secure, with regular inspections.
  • We’re really anxious about letting our documents go off-site – can you reassure us that they will be safe with you?
    Filofile is linked to the Police and Fire Services. Our security system is monitored 24/7 with CCTV inside and out. All staff are thoroughly vetted.
  • How are boxes of files returned to us?
    Email notification by 4.00pm ensures delivery the next working day, very often free of charge, and in our own vehicles. Times, dates and signatures are taken for all movements.
  • Can you provide emergency deliveries?
    We offer 6 hour and 2 hour deliveries for urgent requests.
  • What type of indexing system should we use?
    Simple is best, and we can advise on every aspect of this, from initial indexing through to final destruction of records.
  • We have some concerns about our current service – would yours be any better?
    We go out of our way to be more accommodating and flexible. You tell us how you want things done and we can almost certainly tailor our services to meet your needs.
  • We’re disappointed with punctuality – what kind of delivery times do you provide?
    Standard retrievals require notification by 4.00 pm for next day delivery. If it’s more urgent, 6 hour and 2 hour retrievals are available.
  • On occasions some files have gone missing – can you reassure us this won’t happen with Filofile?
    Our systems are very robust. Once boxes and files are on our system traceability is simple – all movements require a signature, and dates and times are recorded. Staff turnover is low and each member of the team takes pride in following the correct procedures.
  • Our current service is not as efficient, courteous and flexible as we’d like – will yours be any better?
    We know our customers personally, and keep them a long time. We’re naturally friendly and helpful people who get great satisfaction for helping our customers get exactly what they want, on time.
  • Are there any hidden charges, and does your service offer good value for money?
    Nothing is hidden – it’s easy to see what you get for your money, because we’re confident we offer very good value.

If you require further information on our records management services call us on 0845 602 7006 and we’ll be happy to talk to you. Or email us and we’ll call you back.

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